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School year in the U.S.

A school year full of learning, cultural immersion and personal growth.

Live the experience of studying in the United States

Would you like to study in the United States for an entire school year? Discover our  language immersion abroad program designed for young students from 3rd grade of ESO and up.

The U.S. academic system is distinguished by its practical approach and to motivate students and guide them towards the achievement of their educational goals.

During this experience of studying in the United States, accommodation can be in a host family or in a student residence depending on individual preferences and needs.

September to June

Students from 3rd ESO

Student residence or host family

At Carlos V we are committed to linguistic immersion as an optimal method to improve language learning. For this reason, we offer our integral support in all aspects related to the preparations for this experience, from the selection of the family and school to the processing of the visa and the validation of the course.

All of this with a single purpose: to provide the best possible academic experience , taking full advantage of the opportunity to study in the United States throughout the school year and, of course, enhancing each student’s level of English. 

Our program is customizable allowing you to choose any destination within the United States. Contact us to consult available locations and prices and we will design the perfect educational experience for you.

Online Payment

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