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Language Levels

Level A1

With level A1 you will recognize words and very basic expressions of everyday use, as long as you speak slowly and clearly. You will also be able to participate in a conversation in a simple way as long as your interlocutor speaks slowly and slowly. You will be able to use simple spoken expressions and sentences and written.

Level A2

At A2, you can understand sentences on personal topics and you can understand the main idea of short messages. You will be able to understand simple personal letters and communicate directly on everyday matters. You will have the ability to write short, simple and notes to address immediate needs.

Level B1

At B1 level, you will be able to understand the main ideas of clear, normal speech and on everyday topics. You will be able to deal with almost all situations encountered when travelling and . You will be able to participate spontaneously in conversations on everyday topics, linking sentences in a simple way.

Level B2

Attained B2, you will understand long speeches, news and films in standard language. You will read articles and reports, participate in conversations with fluency, present detailed descriptions of a variety of topics and express yourself clearly both orally and in written form in discussions and everyday situations.

Level C1

At level C1, you can understand long texts and complex texts, TV programs and films effortlessly. You will express yourself fluently and accurately, participate skilfully in discussions, present detailed descriptions of complex topics and structure clear texts and well elaborated on specific topics.

Level C2

With level C2, you will have no difficulty in understanding any type of spoken language, whatever the speed. You will be able to read with ease practically all forms of written language. You will effortlessly take part in any conversation or debate, knowing idioms and colloquial expressions and you will express yourself fluently.