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School Groups

Our language trips are specially designed for groups of students who want to immerse themselves in the Spanish culture in the most fun and effective way.

An unforgettable educational experience

Discover the fascinating world of Spanish with our exciting language journey linguistic journey designed especially for school groups from 14 to 18 years old: a unique educational experience that combines learningfun and adventure during an unforgettable.

These stays are specially designed for schools with groups of students  interested in this experience, who must be accompanied by a teacher from their school.

At Carlos V we create each itinerary paying attention to the details, seeking to satisfy interests, goals and schedules. No two trips are the same; we specialize in educational experiences that adapt to diverse teaching preferences. Our team designs each trip to reflect the centre’s values ​​and the aspirations of its students.


We have the best accommodation options with all the comforts. We have been doing these programs for years, so the accommodations we offer are of our full confidence, whether in residences or with families, we know they will make you feel at home.

The families we have in our database have been with us for years and are fully trusted by us. This option of accommodation is the best way to practice Spanish not only in the street and in the school, but also at home, with a Spanish family that will immerse you in their culture living day by day. The student can have a single or shared room with another student, full board or half board. Cleaning and laundry are included.

Groups may also be accommodated in university residences. The cost is slightly higher, but it is the ideal option if you want to maintain your privacy and not depend on anyone’s schedule. It can be in a single or shared room and on a full board or half board basis.

Cervantes Accreditation

Our centers accredited by the Instituto Cervantes in Malaga and Seville, guarantee the quality and authenticity of our programs. Get a first-hand educational experience supported by the international standard for the Spanish language teaching.

Join us on this adventure and immerse yourself in the language,  culture and fun. A trip that will leave a lasting impression on the Spanish language learning of your group of students. Book your place now and get ready for a week full of discoveries!


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