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We offer the opportunity for university professors and their groups of students to immerse themselves in a unique and enriching educational experience.

Design your own program in Spain

With our programs Faculty-Led, we provide a space for them to teach their classes using our modern school facilities in Spain, in the cities of SevilleMalaga and Madrid. Our commitment is to provide an environment conducive to learning. Although we have a physical school in these cities, we adapt to the interests of the group and we design educational programs anywhere in Spain, as we have agreements with different Spanish universities.

We adatp each program, allowing flexibility in the itinerary and in the duration of the stay. In addition to classes, we organize a full agenda of cultural visits and activities related to the students’ field of study.

Our goal is to provide students with a different experience and a deeper understanding of the culture and the environment they are exploring.   Each program Faculty-Led becomes a comprehensive experience, combining academics with cultural immersion.

Join us for an educational educational adventure that goes beyond the traditional classroom.

Examples of Programs Faculty - Led

Most common themes of our customized programs




and local culture



Spain’s global position in gastronomy serves as a backdrop for students to explore and deepen into Spanish culinary traditions, cutting-edge techniques and the application of the Spanish language in the gastronomic field. Being able to learn about Spanish gastronomy within one’s own country amplifies the motivation and eagerness to discover the origins of this rich culinary heritage.

In Spain, tourism is the backbone of the economy. Students will explore historical monuments, participate in guided tours to emblematic places and learn about sustainable tourism management in cities full of history and tradition.

Our program is adapted to the needs of medical students, giving them the opportunity to become familiar with the Spanish healthcare system and how it works. They will visit hospitals and get a direct view of the practice of medicine in Spain, while immersing themselves in the culture and the language of the country.

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