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DELE Exams

Take the exam with us and get your DELE certificate. We have preparation courses and exam sessions at our own centers.

Certify your Spanish proficiency

Founded in 1988 by the Cervantes Institute, the Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) constitute an official recognition of the degree of competence and mastery of Spanish as a foreign language. This certification has a broad scope, reaching both public and private educational institutions and authorities  as well as the bussiness sector and chambers of commerce.

In our language schools Carlos V we offer the opportunity to apply to the calls established by the Cervantes Institute, allowing students to demonstrate their level of competence in the Spanish language in a comfortable way and backed by the recognized quality of our educational centers.

In addition, we offer DELE preparation courses so that, during the  two weeks prior to the exam you can prepare yourself adequately. We have highly trained native professionals who will guide you in the key areas of oral expression, written expression, written comprehension and listening comprehension, guaranteeing a solid preparation to obtain the official certification.

Registration for the DELE exams must be made at least 50 days before the exam date through the website of the Instituto Cervantes. The dates of the exams can be consulted in our section Convocatorias or on the Instituto Cervantes website, where the registration deadline is also specified.

The registration fee for the DELE exams can be consulted here and . The corresponding payment for the exams will be made online, following the guidelines detailed on the Instituto Cervantes website. 

Level A2


134,00 One payment


134,00 One payment


134,00 One payment

Exam dates 2024

Test Date

Registration Deadline

Place Examination

Exam Location

12 - July - 2024

13 - September - 2024

18 - October - 2024

23 - November - 2024

15 - May - 2024

17 - July - 2024

04 - September - 2024

09 - October - 2024

A2, A2-NA, B1, B2, C1


A2, B1 and B2

All Levels

Seville, Malaga and Madrid

Seville, Malaga and Madrid

Seville, Malaga and Madrid

Seville, Malaga and Madrid

Call for applications on July 12, 2024, registration deadline May 15, 2024, Levels A2, A2-NA, B1, B2 and C1, in Seville, Malaga and Madrid.

Call for September 13, 2024, registration deadline July 17, 2024, Levels A2, in Seville, Malaga and Madrid.

Call for applications October 18, 2024, registration deadline September 04, 2024, Levels A2, B1 and B2, in Seville, Malaga and Madrid.

Call for November 23, 2024, registration deadline October 09, 2024, All Levels in Seville, Malaga and Madrid.

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