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English course for companies

Designed for those professionals who need to communicate in English in their work environment with customers, suppliers and collaborators.

Elevate business communication with our English courses

Our English courses for companies are designed for those professionals who need to communicate in English in their work environment with clients, suppliers and collaborators. We offer a practical approach focusing on vocabulary, expressions and common situations in  work contexts. From greetings and introductions to telephone conversations, negotiations and complaint handling, we address several key areas during the course.

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45 min. per day

2 days per week


Afternoon schedule according to level

100% discount for Erasmus+ partner companies

At Carlos V we are an authorized organizing entity, which allows us to collaborate in the programming and management of internal language training for your employees. This course will give you the practice you need to gain confidence and to become fluent in English.

Beginning English

Designed for those professionals who wish to acquire the basic basic language skills, this program focuses on providing a  solid foundation in essential vocabularysimple grammatical structures and basic communication skills. Participants will develop the confidence to perform everyday interactions in English, such as greetings, introductions and simple conversations in a business environment.

Aimed at those seeking to strengthen their language skills in the workplace, our Basic English course addresses more complex communication situations. You will work on the expansion of business vocabulary as well as improving listening comprehension and oral expression. Participants will develop specific competencies for professional environments including writing emails, participating in meetings and and effective telephone conversations.

For professionals looking to achieve a higher level of English proficiency, we offer our Advanced English. This program focuses on perfecting more advanced communication including negotiation and negotiationformal presentations and specialized discussions in the business environment. In addition, emphasis will be placed on the comprehension of complex texts and written expression with precision. Participants will acquire the necessary tools to perform confidently in international work environments and face more demanding linguistic challenges.

Start on your way to excellence in business communication with our English courses: our programs will provide you with the necessary  tools to perform with confidence in any professional situation. From strengthening basic skills to perfecting advanced competencies, we are here to support you every step of the way in your linguistic growth. Get started today! and make a difference in your career today!


Prices valid until August 31, 2024.


540,00 One payment
  • 100% discount for Erasmus+ collaborating companies
  • Examination fee not included

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